The Computer Based Aircrew Training Program (CBATP) is a robust program designed to help Standardization personnel manage their ATP. This is a very flexible system that can do anything from tracking crewmember qualifications and evals to having all their IATF forms ready to be printed at the touch of a button. I built this program so that I could better manage my ATP and to get away from having tons of crewmember record files scattered around the computer. I also wanted a more secure method of storing the crewmember’s information that I am working with. Although this version was developed with tasks from the UH-60 ATM, the task list can be easily edited to match the ATM of any airframe.

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If you are using Office 2007, please follow these steps after you have installed the program to set up the security settings. Sorry but I have no idea if this program is compatible with any other version of Microsoft Office nor do I know how to make it compatible if it isnt.

1. In Access 2007, open a trusted database, or enable macros in the existing database.
2. On the Create tab, in the Other group, click Macro, and then click Macro.
3. On the Design tab, click Show All Actions in the Show/Hide group.
4. On the Macro1 tab, click RunCommand in the Action column, and then click WorkgroupAdminstrator in the Command list.
5. Click Save.
6. In the Tools group, click Run.

Here are some screenshots of the program:

Extremely secure – This program offers several additional levels of security to safeguard your crewmember’s sensitive information. Keeping crewmember’s records stored in permission based folders on your hard drive is not enough security. Any kind of viral attack on your computer would easily allow a hacker to access these records, even if they are inside permission based folders. Regardless of where you copy this program to, the security will stay with it.

Manage your ATP effectively – The AATP will allow for a simple method of managing your ATP. Whether you need to track no-notice evaluations, special qualifications, or the RL level of your crewmembers, this program can do it all. You can even create your own reports to print out this information. With the wide range of reports at your disposal, you can quickly print a snapshot of your ATP with only a few clicks.

Manage your crewmember’s IATF – Finally there is a simple method to keep your crewmember’s records in order. It is time to get away from having tons of pure edge, excel, or word files scattered around your computer as a method of printing IATF records.

Close out your APARTs with flight operations – With the 759 Close Out feature, you can easily print a close out memorandum for posting events to the crewmember’s 759.

Easy to use interface and menu system – This system is designed to be easy to use, flexible, and feature rich. As with any program, there will require some time and effort to get to know the program and put it to use. There will however be a long-term benefit to the time you put into merging over to using this system.

Easily back up your data – One concern is that this program may become corrupt at some point resulting in the loss of all your data. Well, if you think about it, your entire hard drive is about 100 times more likely to become corrupted than this program is. Even with a method of using pure edge or word files as a means to administer your ATP, you are always required to back up your data to prevent possible loss due to a hard drive failure or virus attack. With the AATP all you have to do is regularly back up only one file!

Comprehensive User Manual – The embedded user manual covers just about every feature of the program. If you can’t find the answer to a question in the user manual, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Ability to make improvements – One of the best features of this program is it can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual ATP requirements. Upon request, I will furnish you with a developer edition of this program which will allow access savvy individuals in your unit to add features to the program that will best suite your needs. I will also continue to improve upon the program myself in future versions.


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